Chicchan Itza pyramid on the equinox.

Please read below to discover how you can add the power of the Mayan Tzolkin
calendar every day of your life.

The Mayan Messages are a collection of 260 messages offering solutions to life's problems.
They address aspects of how each person creates much of their life
as a result of their thoughts, words, actions, emotions and where they focus their attention.

You can read many of the Messages at or
purchase the book in paperback or eBook on the
TADA Store page.

As one learns to release negative thoughts, fears and belief codes,
the ability to create a life filled with joy, peace, happiness and abundance is manifested.

What the Day Keepers have shared with me is that each of the 260 days of the Tzolkin calendar
has a vibration, each focusing on a unique aspect of the human psyche (personality traits).

Each Message is designed to encourage the reader to go within and look at
various aspects of their "shadow" side, such as anger, greed and fear in order to release them.

By diligently working through 260 shadow aspects, the potential for spiritual growth has no bounds!

Each day, the Day Keepers offer encouragement, helping to connect the reader
to his/her Higher Self and Spirit Guides for assistance.

There are meditations, tools to increase health and wealth, ways to recognize out-dated belief codes
and help in breaking through "negative" thoughts, words and actions
in order to create a life filled with joy, peace and abundance.

Although the Mayan Day Keepers have a tremendous love for each of us,
they are "tough love" Beings, for they know the time of Transition is here.

No longer can one sit on the fence of indecision. The choice must consciously be made
to clean up one's energy field or miss the next "Ascension" train.
There is nothing to fear, only choices to make.

When one chooses to live in the Now moment, expressing gratitude for every experience,
the true meaning of love, peace, harmony and balance will be found.

Which do you choose?

I am honored to be a spokesperson for the Day Keepers and have vowed to do what I can
to allow their Messages to flow through me with as much clarity as possible.

I am not a Mayan scholar and I do not represent the Mayan people. I do not have full understanding of the
complexity of their calendars and have no desire to do so, for it is not my Path.

We are all one and I embrace each of you as we work together to make this world a better place.

It gives me great pleasure to share these Messages because I know that your ability to love
affects my ability to love and as John Lennon wrote, "All you need is love!"

Theresa Crabtree

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Mayan Messages
Mayan Messages front cover

The Tzolkin calendar has 20 Day Keepers and 13 Tones.
Each Day Keeper has a variety of names due to regional differences and various
translations. The names used on this site and in the book,
Mayan Messages: Daily Guide to Self-Empowerment
were chosen because they are commonly used in English-speaking countries
and because they are easier to spell and pronounce.

Each Day Keeper represents a group of Spiritual Beings.
As you learn to communicate directly with the Day Keepers,
you will begin to sense their energy and notice each has a different "feel."
Like humans, some have a softer energy while others have a more active energy.

In the Tzolkin calendar, only the numerals 1-13 are used.
These are commonly called Tones.

Like the Day Keepers, each Tone represents a series of unique energies.
For example, one of the aspects of Tone 1 is “Unity” referring to one Source,
one Truth, a group working as one, one idea, etc.

There are 260 days in the Tzolkin calendar compared to the 365-day cycle of
the Gregorian calendar. Due to this, the Tzolkin new year begins on a different
Gregorian date each cycle.

Please refer to the Mayan Day Keeper chart below to understand the order
they follow throughout the Tzolkin cycle.

Beginning at the top left, follow the pattern from left to right and from top to bottom.

Thus, Imix is first, followed by Ik, Akbal, Kan then Chicchan.
Cimi is sixth in the cycle followed by Manik then Lamat.
The pattern continues to Ahau, completing one round (uinal) of the Day Keepers.

Each day, one Day Keeper is paired with one of the Tones (numerals 1-13)
beginning with 1 and continuing to 13. Then the Tone cycle begins again with 1.

Throughout the entire 260-day Tzolkin cycle, there will be 13 rounds (trecenas)
of the 20-Day Keepers.

Day One begins with Day Keeper Imix and Tone 1 (Imix 1);
Day Keeper Ik and Tone 2 (Ik 2) represent Day 2.
The pattern continues with Akbal 3, Kan 4, Chicchan 5. . . Eb 12, then Ben 13.

Once 13 is reached, the Tone cycle returns to 1,
thus the next Day becomes Ix 1 then Men 2, Cib 3. . . Cimi 13, Manik 1 and so on,
with the last (260th) day being Ahau 13.

Then a new year begins with Imix 1 and the pattern repeats.
By the end of the 260-day cycle, the 20-Day Keepers are paired with each
of the 13 Tones, thus creating 260 unique energetic patterns (20 x 13 = 260).

The ancient Mayans were well advanced in their understanding of astronomy,
astrology and mathematics.
The precision of their calendars earned them the name, “Time Keepers.”
Their method of keeping time is very complex.
For centuries, they have followed several calendars, each having a specific purpose.

The Tzolkin calendar is their sacred calendar.
The energies of the day were so important that before incarnating,
each soul would choose which Day Keeper, or Sun Sign, to be born under.
Tribal members thus knew the purpose of that soul’s reason for incarnating on earth
and would nurture the child’s associated talents and skills.

The Tzolkin calendar is not associated with the date December 21, 2012.
That date comes from non-Mayan interpretations of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

The collection of Mayan Messages is designed to prepare individuals for a life filled
with peace, love and joy no matter what is occurring in the world.

Maintaining a sense of balance with high frequencies of love and gratitude will
ensure that your walk to 2012 and beyond will be filled with grace and beauty.

Why be concerned about the end of the world,
when there is so much to live for today?
Mayan Day Keeper Imix
Mayan Day Keeper Ik
Mayan Day Keeper Akbal
Mayan Day Keeper Kan
Mayan Day Keeper Chicchan
(ee' meesh)
(ak' ball)
(chee' chan)
Mayan Day Keeper Cimi
Mayan Day Keeper Manik
Mayan Day Keeper Lamat
Mayan Day Keeper Muluc
Mayan Day Keeper Oc
(key' me)
(mah neek')
(la mot')
(moo' luke)
Mayan Day Keeper Chuen
Mayan Day Keeper Eb
Mayan Day Keeper Ben
Mayan Day Keeper Ix
Mayan Day Keeper Men
(chew' en)
Mayan Day Keeper Cib
Mayan Day Keeper Caban
Mayan Day Keeper Etznab
Mayan Day Keeper Cauac
Mayan Day Keeper Ahau
(kuh bon')
(ets' nab)
(kah' wok)
(uh how')
Don Alejandro Cirilio Perez Oxlaj
Quiche Mayan Spokesman

Although many history books say the Mayan people have been out of existence for centuries,
it is estimated there are currently six million Mayan living in
Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.
Don Alejandro is the elected leader of the National Mayan Council of Elders of Guatemala
that consists of 265 Grandfathers and 175 Grandmothers.

He is the primary keeper of the teachings, visions and prophecies of the Mayan people.

There is much talk about the ending of the world culminating on December 21, 2012.

I encourage you to pay attention to Don Alejandro's messages when seeking
information related to prophecies about the "End Times" and the year 2012.

His view of the "End Times" is much different than what is depicted in books,
movies and on many websites.

There are several youtube videos and movies on the web where you can hear him speak about
the Mayan prophecies and what is currently happening on earth today.

Here is one such video on youtube entitled the Mayan New Dawn

It should be noted that the Dreamspell calendar is NOT the same as the traditional Tzolkin calendar.

In another segment of this same interview, Don Alejandro speaks about the
Dreamspell calendar created by Jose Arguelles.
Click here to watch it.
How the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar Works
The Mayan Day Keepers

The Mayan Messages
are comprised of 260
channeled messages,
one for each day of
the Mayan Tzolkin

Available in paperback,
EPUB and pdf.

Printed on 8.5 x 11"
paper, the paperback
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Mayan Messages front cover
Don Alejandro Cirilio Perez
Don Alejandro
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Mayan Message
health tips, communication
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happy sun

Each date in the calendar below shows the corresponding Mayan Tzolkin date, Day Keeper and Tone.
(For Example, Day 1  Imix 1)

Each date also includes the heading of the daily message from Theresa's book,
"Mayan Messages: Daily Guide to Self-Empowerment."  

The purpose of the Mayan Messages is to assist the reader to connect with the energies of
the Day Keepers of the sacred Mayan Tzolkin calendar.

There are 260 Messages, one for each day of the Tzolkin cycle.

Each Message offers tools to help release fears, change belief codes and re-pattern behaviors that
block one's ability to live a full and rewarding life.

The Law of Attraction states that what you focus your attention upon, that is what you will draw unto you.

Scientific studies have proven that when a group focuses attention on a specific thought or prayer,
their efforts are exponentially realized.

Can you imagine how powerful these Messages can be if all of us were tuning into the same Energies each day?

Mayan Messages

Table of Contents

The main goal of the Mayan Messages is to remind people they have the power within themselves
in the illusion of lack and separation from Source Creator.

In addition, they wish to redirect the growing focus of the "end of the world" fears that are being
propagated through the news media, books and movies. There is an increasing amount of people
focusing on the Mayan calendar and they wish to propose an alternative to the current
"doom and gloom" interpretation of the Mayan prophecies.

Instead of focusing on the "what ifs" of 2012, they wish to stress the gifts that can be found NOW,
in each moment, with each breath. This is their gift to humanity.

The Day Keepers are a group of spiritual entities living close to the reality of Pure Love.
Their love for mankind is extraordinary. It is their hope that each person releases all energies that
keep them from being pure beacons of love and light while incarnate.

Many have asked me how they can connect to their Higher Selves and the Day Keepers.
My response is to go within and integrate the daily messages, for each  belief code or fear that is shed,
assists one in becoming closer to the likeness of God and will be one step closer
to clearer communication with those on the "Other Side."

Everything emits a specific frequency. If your body is emitting a low energy frequency as a result
of fear-based thoughts and exposure to toxic substances, it will be very difficult to tune into the
higher frequencies these spiritual beings are emitting.

Every person has the capability to communicate with their Higher Self, the Day Keepers, Angels,
freely with these beings are generally hampered by their belief codes and emotional state.

The physical body is similar to an electrical circuit. If there is a blockage in the circuitry,
the lightwill not come on. Clear your circuits and be prepared to experience immense joy when you
begin to resonate with high energy light Beings!

Know that God resides within you and is a part of you.

As you learn to express love unconditionally,your frequency will rise,
allowing you to access your innate psychic gifts and the ability to remain balanced, in joy,
no matter what situation arises. This is imperative during this time of turmoil on earth.

Do not be in fear, all is well.

Simply place your thoughts on what you wish to experience and with concentrated effort,
all will flow freely to you, thus is the nature of the universal Law of Attraction.

Theresa has donated
over 1000 copies of the
Mayan Messages
to U.S. prisons.

Each week she receives
letters from inmates
requesting a personal
copy for their studies .

Read letters from
inmates who share the
impact this book is
having on their life.

Consider donating to
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Books 4 Prisons


    The Tzolkin calendar consists of 20 Day Keepers and 13 Tones. Within one round of this 260 day never-ending cycle,
    each Day Keeper is paired with one of the Tones, thus making a unique energetic exchange each day.

    This section is to introduce you to the Tones. The Tzolkin  calendar in its most basic form is quite simple.
    Each day follows the next and begins anew on the 261st day. Yet within these cycles are many layers,
    some simple, and other deep and mysterious levels not talked about by those outside the Mayan priesthood.

    What I am about to share with you is just one dimension of the Tzolkin calendar. The Day Keepers have shown me
    how these 13 tones represent the evolution of mankind, both on a microcosmic and macrocosmic level.

    Perhaps you will recognize where you currently reside and feel excitement for what is yet to come!

    Let us begin our sojourner with a brief introduction to the ancient Maya counting system.
    Single numbers are represented by dots, groups of five are represented by a bar.
    Thus the number "7" is written as a bar and two dots.

    Most often in stone inscriptions, the numbers of the Tones are written vertically, rather than horizontally as shown here.

    Let's start at the beginning with Tone 1. One represents UNITY, before the "Big Bang."
    At this point in Creation, all was one Source, before there were any conscious fragmentations.
    Everything was just Love, the consciousness of what many call God, Creator or Source.

    There came a "time" when Source wanted to experience outside the realm of One. This was the
    beginning of the fragmentation. It was a conscious choice by "many" to experience Love looking
    back at itself, even to the depths of "Not-Love" that is currently experienced by many in this Realm.
    This is the beginning of POLARITY, the ability to experience opposites.

    The next level of consciousness is represented by the TRINITY, which encompasses all that Is,
    all that Is Not and all that Shall Be. Many religions call this trinity by varying names such as:
    Father, Son and Holy Spirit or mind, body and soul. Trinity is when life forms began to manifest
    in the universe. Experiences are now labeled and judged. Not only are there opposites such as
    up or down, there are now many things to be experienced in between. Trinity creates space,
    "as above, so below," with no parameters.

    Four is the creation of STABILITY. Without a strong foundation or purpose, "All" is subject
    to return to the Isness of Unity. Thus, parameters are set, rules are created and the formation of
    the ecosystem and all life forms is expanded for the sole (soul) purpose of experiencing outside the
    Isness of One. In order to remain "grounded" on earth, one must be in agreement to the laws
    of the universe. These laws are the basis for all cultures, commonly represented by four,
    such as four corners of the earth, four directions or four elements, symbolized in various ways.

    Tone five symbolizes HUMANITY, represented by one bar. Five is experiencing the human
    condition, while operating on “survival mode.” At this level, an enormous amount of energy is
    spent on taking care of basic needs: food, clothing and shelter.  In today's society, most humans
    are operating on this level of existence, being ruled by 9-5 jobs, routines, clocks, authority figures
    and governments.

    Six begins the CREATIVITY level of humans. This is when the human (5) becomes aware of
    his Self as an individual (1). (5+1=6). The human becomes aware that he is an individual among
    the tribe. He also becomes aware of life beyond the daily routine and begins to have creative
    thoughts, using everyday items in different ways. Instead of just food, clothing and shelter,
    he begins to experiment with various ways to prepare food, using plants to dye his clothing,
    weaving new patterns and creating unique housing.

    Tone seven represents the human (5) becoming aware of polarity (2) in an expanded way.
    He begins to recognize he has a choice, the SELECTIVITY to experience whatever he desires.
    "What shall I experience today? Will I choose A or B?"

    Eight is symbolic of INFINITY (5 + 3). The human realizes he does not have to choose just A or B.
    He realizes there is an infinite amount of choices available to him. It is like discovering metaphysics
    and walking into a book store and realizing how expansive the universe is. You want to delve into
    everything, your appetite for knowledge and experience is insatiable. This is when people may go
    to extremes, buying tons of books, going to dozens of workshops, trying everything. Perhaps they
    become hedonistic, trying every pleasure known to mankind.

    Nine represents RELATIVITY. This is the time to reign in. The human (5) has had many
    experiences and realizes there is more to life than just human pleasures. Four is grounding,
    the human begins to look at what is important and relative to his life. He begins to slow down the
    activities of Tone 8 and starts integrating and choosing what works best for him. He becomes
    more introspective, relying on himself more than gurus and “experts.”

    Tone ten is CONNECTIVITY (5 + 5). These are the “Aha!” moments when the human (5) realizes
    his spiritual connection with his Higher Self ( the second 5). These moments of enlightenment
    become stronger with practice. This is a time when the human begins to have experiences with
    Angels, Devas and Beings on the “Other Side.” This is the recognition that one is a “spirit having
    a human experience.”

    Tone eleven represents Commonality  (5 + 5 + 1). This is when the human (5) who is connected
    with his Higher Self (5) begins to have glimpses of the unified field (1), those special moments when
    one feels connected with everything. That he IS everything. I Am THAT, I Am. Separation melts as
    he realizes he is “One with All.”

    Tone twelve is the beginning of REALITY (5 + 5 + 2). The human now understands that he is
    “One with All.” With the polarity consciousness of 2, he truly becomes a co-creator Being, choosing
    only the experiences he prefers. No thing else remains a part of his daily living.

    Tone thirteen symbolizes PURITY (5 + 5 + 3). This is the last step before moving into the next
    dimension. With the connection to one’s Higher Self and the trinity of all possibilities, no thing
    matters. This is level Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, the Ascended Masters and the bodhisattvas attained.
    Once this level is mastered, the human has the choice to leave the earthly realm and experience
    higher vibrational dimensions. It takes an enormous amount of energy for an avatar to remain in
    this density. It is important to understand that no one lives an earthly existence then directly is
    reabsorbed into the Source of Oneness.

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The Maya have used the sacred Tzolkin
calendar as a divination and destiny tool
for centuries.

Discover how uncannily the Tzolkin describes
your most obvious and underlying personaltiy
traits and how you can use itas a guide
along your Life Path.

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