Please read below to discover how you can add the power of the Mayan Tzolkin
calendar every day of your life.

The Mayan Messages are a collection of 260 messages offering solutions to life's problems.
They address aspects of how each person creates much of their life
as a result of their thoughts, words, actions, emotions and where they focus their attention.

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TADA Store page.

As one learns to release negative thoughts, fears and belief codes,
the ability to create a life filled with joy, peace, happiness and abundance is manifested.

What the Day Keepers have shared with me is that each of the 260 days of the Tzolkin calendar
has a vibration, each focusing on a unique aspect of the human psyche (personality traits).

Each Message is designed to encourage the reader to go within and look at
various aspects of their "shadow" side, such as anger, greed and fear in order to release them.

By diligently working through 260 shadow aspects, the potential for spiritual growth has no bounds!

Each day, the Day Keepers offer encouragement, helping to connect the reader
to his/her Higher Self and Spirit Guides for assistance.

There are meditations, tools to increase health and wealth, ways to recognize out-dated belief codes
and help in breaking through "negative" thoughts, words and actions
in order to create a life filled with joy, peace and abundance.

Although the Mayan Day Keepers have a tremendous love for each of us,
they are "tough love" Beings, for they know the time of Transition is here.

No longer can one sit on the fence of indecision. The choice must consciously be made
to clean up one's energy field or miss the next "Ascension" train.
There is nothing to fear, only choices to make.

When one chooses to live in the Now moment, expressing gratitude for every experience,
the true meaning of love, peace, harmony and balance will be found.

Which do you choose?

I am honored to be a spokesperson for the Day Keepers and have vowed to do what I can
to allow their Messages to flow through me with as much clarity as possible.

We are all one and I embrace each of you as we work together to make this world a better place.

It gives me great pleasure to share these Messages because I know that your ability to love
affects my ability to love and as John Lennon wrote, "All you need is love!"

Theresa Crabtree

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Mayan Messages front cover

The Mayan Messages
are comprised of 260
channeled messages,
one for each day of
the Mayan Tzolkin

Available in paperback,
EPUB and pdf.

Printed on 8.5 x 11"
paper, the paperback
edition has 384 pages
packed with
information to help you
walk gracefully
on your Life Path.

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online store for
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Mayan Messages front cover

Theresa has donated
over 1100 copies of the
Mayan Messages
to U.S. prisons.

Each week she receives
letters from inmates
requesting a personal
copy for their studies .

Read letters from
inmates who share the
impact this book is
having on their life.

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The Maya have used the sacred Tzolkin
calendar as a divination and destiny tool
for centuries.

Discover how uncannily the Tzolkin describes
your most obvious and underlying personaltiy
traits and how you can use itas a guide
along your Life Path.

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Mayan Astrology page for more